Demick wanders down the rabbit hole with Peter Hassett of Russian Machine Never Breaks. There’s Olympic talk! There’s opinions! There’s a boatload of tangents! There’s advanced stats for fighting! There’s very little focus! Nearly two straight hours of solid gold…so listen right now (just check the amount of tags)!

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One Response to February 17th, 2014 with Peter Hassett (Russian Machine Never Breaks)

  1. […] I was a guest on the well done Breaking the Ice podcast on Monday night. For darn near two hours, I talked with Demick about every topic under the sun: the hidden magic of Baltimore, the worst fans in the league, the wonderful women of Pittsburgh, the worst liquor in the world, the best and worst announcers in the country, Pauly D and the hidden downfall of the Caps, RMNB’s social media strategy with Pinterest, the HFStival, and more. We also talked about hockey for a moment or two. […]

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